Arduino LilyPad Getting Started

For a recent project I purchased an Arduino LilyPad. I’ve worked with Arduinos in the past and figured getting started would be pretty straight forward. After a good two hours of troubleshooting the board, downloading different drivers, mulitple Google searches, installing a bunch of possible fixes I was no where and gave in to reaching out to SparkFun support. Within one day (shout out to Duncan from SparkFun support) and about 15 minutes of walking through what they suggested, I was able to get my board up and running. The two things I did was install this driver and install the 1.6.9 Arduino as Duncan informed me it was the most stable version at the moment. As soon as I did that the blink example started working like magic

My board : Arduino LilyPad ATmega328 Protosnap kit from SparkFun

IDE Setup:
Board: LilyPad Arduino
Processor : ATmega328
Port: Check Device Manager for what port comes up
Programmer: AVR ISP

Inline image 1

Inline image 2