Month: July 2019

Azure Function Trigger Reference Guide

This is a quick reference covering general topics for the most common Azure Function triggers I deal with on a weekly basis. Its by no means a conclusive list or troubleshooting guide but hopefully it can be used as quick read/refresher. Azure CosmosDB/DocumentDB Azure EventGridAzure Eventhub/Azure IoT HubAzure ServicebusAzure Storage BlobsAzure Storage QueuesHTTP Timer Azure…

By JeremyBrooks July 31, 2019 2

ARM Template for Event Grid integration with a new Azure Function

TL/DR – Link to the template: Creating an ARM template with integration between an Azure function and Event Grid requires the general function template, Event Grid resource and lastly a system key from the Azure function that is used to authenticate the validation call from Event Grid. Update 2/12/2020There has been a recent update…

By JeremyBrooks July 19, 2019 7

Restoring Deleted Function Code

The three hosting models for Azure Functions are Consumption (serverless), Dedicated, and Premium (hybrid of dedicated and serverless). Depending on the type of function used dictates if and how the function app code can be restored. Restoring Deleted Code from Consumption and Premium Functions Consumption and Premium by default require users to have an app…

By JeremyBrooks July 5, 2019 0