Month: September 2020

TomEE with Azure Web Apps

I’m prefacing this that I am by no means a Java Developer or have a desire to become one :). This was a case related to configuring TomEE with Azure web apps. With IIS the httpPlatformHandler dynamically assigns a port to the process its communicating with (PHP, Nodejs, DotnetCore, Java, ect). Because of this the…

By JeremyBrooks September 25, 2020 0

Azure Government Private Link Endpoints

This is now officially documented: Azure SQL Azure Automation Azure Table Azure Blob Azure Files DFS Storage App Config Cosmos Servicebus Key Vault Data Factory EventHub (same as SB) Eventgrid Azure Backup (requires storage endpoints as well) Site Recovery…

By JeremyBrooks September 10, 2020 0