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TomEE with Azure Web Apps

I’m prefacing this that I am by no means a Java Developer or have a desire to become one :). This was a case related to configuring TomEE with Azure web apps. With IIS the httpPlatformHandler dynamically assigns a port to the process its communicating with (PHP, Nodejs, DotnetCore, Java, ect). Because of this the…

By JeremyBrooks September 25, 2020 0

Gitlab Continuous (CI/CD) with an Azure Web App

Recently I came across a case with helping a customer configure Gitlab with Azure web app using continuous integration. App Services support Git repositories from Bitbucket, Github, and VSTS Git natively but Gitlab requires a bit more manual setup. Referenced these two helpful blogs Go to the Azure portal under your web app ->…

By JeremyBrooks December 27, 2018 1