SmartThings API Creating a Custom App: Devices and Initial Setup (Part 1)

My most recent project came about when I invested in a SmartThings hub by Samsung and a couple Cree smart light bulbs. I decided on the SmartThings hub because it had some pretty good reviews and seem to be compatible with broad range of smart home accessories ranging in price. I chose the Cree light bulbs due to the price and availability at my local Home Depot for the lowest price (even beating Amazon).

The pairing process was quite straightforward if you follow the instructions on the app or from the website. I did run into an issue which I believe was due to interference from my router which was right next to my SmartThings Hub. I recommend during the pairing process have the SmartHub as far from your router and other signal emitting devices and have the smart bulbs as close to the hub for the initial pairing. Once the bulb is paired you can take it out of the current light fixture and place it as needed around your house or apartment. This will save you a lot of time instead of reading through multiple forums trying to figure out if I had defective devices or was pairing incorrectly.

Recommendations for painless pairing of the SmartThings Hub and any device summarized:
1. Have the SmartHub initially placed away from all emitting devices such as routers or electrical meters (in another forum someone posted about some meters interfering with Zigbee communication)

2. Have the smart device as close to the SmartHub during pairing to avoid issues with other interference

3. During the resetting of the Cree light bulb the 1 second on 2 seconds off is allowing the diode in the light bulb to discharge so there is a method to the madness

4. Use a portable lamp so you can have the light bulb as close to the hub. Once it is paired you can then move the device around as needed

Link to Part 2 (Creating your first Custom App)